Eggs or Caterpillars please

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    Hi everyone. For some reason our swan plants have not had any eggs laid at all this season so we have room for some eggs or hungry caterpillars. We are in Edgeware chch please flick me a text 0277377136 my girl would be over the moon. We had an awesome season last year. I don’t know why no eggs this year ….

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    Last year we lost quite a few eggs due to a wasps’ nest close to the swan plants.
    After we eradicated that nest (I ended up in the A & E after I accidentally discovered it between the roots of a tot toi bush I was removing!) we had a cropper year.
    At some stage even a colony spent a few nights in our beach tree; I try to find out how to upload a picture of that.

    I have now about 100 swan plants ready for accepting the butterflies, but strangely enough there have been no Monarchs at all so far this year!
    I try to find a way of getting some caterpillars and/or eggs, but other Nelsonians seem to have the same lack of butterflies this year.

    Any information about how I could get hold of caterpillars in the Nelson area would be appreciated.
    I am happy to swap them for swan plants (I still have about 25 of them not planted out yet).


    Wim Oosterhoff



    Hi Aley Young

    1. Have you seen any monarchs around your plants?

    2. Males tend to fly up and down the plants, waiting for a female to come along. Females rest on the plant and their abdomen curls around and the egg is deposited on the underside (usually) on the leaf. You may know this already – I don’t know. But have you seen this latter behaviour?

    3. If the answer to 2. is “yes”, then watch out for an overabundance of predators: wasps, praying mantises, ants. If you find them, look for controls as suggested in the Hot Tags to the right.

    4. I can send you eggs, but what will you do with them when you get them – have you thought this through? Email me please on



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