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    Hace plants ready to put in butterfly castle but monarchs laying eggs on other plants in garden. We have a huge wasp problem so can anyone tell me if I can transfer eggs to a safe plant as pulling off the leaf has not worked successfully in the past. Thanks Ngaire

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    A couple of suggestions for you, Ngaire.

    * put a fine met over the plant so the wasps can’t get at the eggs. Check daily and lift the small caterpillars off with a soft paintbrush. I then brush the paintbrush against a tissue and drape the tissue over the top of the new plants.

    * You can spray the eggs with a mist of water, and then lift them off with a paintbrush. Put them onto a tissue (as above) and put tissue on plant, using a peg as necessary.



    A few weeks back I was able to pull off leaves with eggs on them and put them on the preferred plant by wedging the leave between new leaves at the top of the new host plant. The leaves stuck nicely and as the pulled off leaf started to die it curled around the young leaves of the host plant and became even more stuck on. In this case I managed this in a no wind environment in my greenhouse so for me it was no issue. So it would probably only work in that situation.

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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