Pukekohe: Empty swan plants and free swan plants

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    Hi, I am in Pukekohe with healthy uneaten swan plants. Managed to produce a couple of hundred butterflies in January but nothing since. If anyone has any starving caterpillars please feel free to bring them to me.
    I also have many seedling swan plants free to good homes. They range from a couple of inches to 8-10 inches, with a few taller ones around as well.
    Please call 09 238 3765 if anyone wants any.

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    Hi my name is carly im whitecliffe year 3 photography student im doing a project for my school to plant swan plants to help the monrach butterfly and im wondering if your giving out free seeds. there a plot of waste land at my school that going to waste so im going to planting swan plants there to help enviroment aswell the butterfly

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