End of season swan plants

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    I’ve started with two plants, then bought a mosquito net and rigged a tent contraption now have 30 caterpillars eating and getting pleasantly plump. I’ve bought another two plants then 10 small plants to keep them all fed. I’m hoping that lasts. Now the question, at the end of the season, what do I do with my little forest? Do I just continue to cultivate them till next year, or are they “done”?

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    Thank you, I’m in Auckland so the weather will be mild enough I will plant all my little plants into manageable containers so I can make a forest again next season. Looks like I’ll have to buy more to get past his season. In my effort to have more butterflies I’ve bred monster leaf eaters!



    Depends where you live, Colleen. I’m in Auckland and our swan plants are perennials… they last for more than one year. Some have lasted 5-6 years and every year they scatter their seeds on the wind so that most of my neighbours now have swan plants (part of my plan… and the plant’s too of course).

    Anyway, if you suffer from frosts you will find that the plants need protection. So if this is the case you need to have your plants growing in the sunniest spot with the best wind protection possible… and then make sure you protect them from the wildest winter weather.

    Prune any untidy branches or anything that looks dead. Feed them well with any natural compost… liquid seaweed spray is great as is worm wee.

    Hope that helps.

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