Uneven wings

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    Jacqui, I have one butterfly out of 21 hatched today with uneven wings. The smaller wing is slightly curled but she is trying desperately to fly. Can I even up the wings without hurting her? How much can one cut away safely?

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    Jacqui, I trimmed her wing this morning and she was such a little butterfly but ooh the joy when she took off. She flew round and round just loving the fact she could soar, great to see as I had just euthanised one with curled wings.



    I have had three hatch the last few days that have been stuck in the chrysalis and cant get out. I have helped take the chrysalis off but there wings dont drop. First time that has happened



    Hi Mattie – it’s a bit hard to tell without seeing the injury.

    I have only ever trimmed forewings and have never taken more than the area covering the hindwings. Hold a butterfly with both sets of wings between your fingers. That way you can trim the leading edge of the forewings together, so that they’re both much the same shape.

    You say it is “slightly curled” so this shouldn’t be a problem.

    I took some photos of something similar and posted it on our FB page the other day.

    Good luck!

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