Excitement in Sandringham

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    Hi all,

    I wanted to share my excitement with some like-minded monarch enthusiasts who will understand my happiness!

    After weeks of growing my swan plants big and bushy (thanks for the advice re sheep pellets Jacqui – they’re awesome) I finally became a mummy to three caterpillars. Then one day before Christmas, they vanished – stolen by wasps. While I didn’t really want to, I bought netting and covered the plants so the wasps couldn’t get it. Well, on Thursday I opened up the netting to check on the plants and I have somewhere between twenty and thirty caterpillars in varying stages of fat-ness – I stopped counting at twenty. I’m so happy!

    A funny thing I observed today – two of my fatties, who are eating voraciously, were eating the same leaf and it looked like they were fighting over it. They would sort of wave their heads and anterior tentacles around if the other got too close to them. Has anyone else seen this? It was quite funny to watch. 🙂


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    Yes, I have observed this too. It looks like they are head-butting. It does seem to be the big ones that do it, but I have also seen a big one do it to a little one who backed off smartly!

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