fading caterpillars need FOOD

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    I didnt think i would find myself saying this again at such a late stage… but if anyone has any swan plants i am in desperate need and based in grey lynn. I will happily collect tonight or tomorrow (although that might be too late).

    My last remaining few "cats" of the season (3) are weakening and not responding to all the pumpkin i am supplying them with. I had 5, one chrysalised v. early and is now a tiny chrysalis… so we’ll watch this space. The next one also j’d early but at chrysalis stage, fell and split open. i am sure it is because the pumpkin isnt enough to sustain them properly. It dries up and looks very unfulfilling even to me. They seem to be sulking and giving up at a rapid rate.

    I have been all round garden centres and stores and have been told swan plants are now unobtainable… but i cant bear to just stand back and watch these "cats" fade away if i can get some from somewhere else.. PLEASE HELP..Im on 021544438 or 378 7053. and Its Mary.

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    How did you get on, Mary?




    hi nonnie, i am not familiar with Auckland but I am based in the Grey Lynn area. Couldl you tell me roughly how far is it to where you are? if it is possible, timewise, I am workinng until late tonight but I could drive to you after 7ish. my number is 021544438, and if you text me your address I will try and come straight after work. Thankyou for your help. Mary.



    Hey there Mary – I have a few small swan plants (and I mean small) dont know whether they would be mature enough for your caterpilars , maybe worth a shot – we are based in Weymouth, Sth Auckland – any good to you ???

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