Fallen chrysalis easy rehang technique stockings

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    Hi, after trying dental floss and cotton as often suggested to rehang chrysalides that have dropped or needed to be rehung i have found thinly cut pantyhose strips to work brilliantly. The stocking will catch to the cremaster very well even if its down to a nub and there is no silk left. Dont tie it too tight, just firmly but not so firm you snap the cremaster. I also use old stockings in side the cages that have surfaces butterfly feet cant grasp like smooth nylon and smooth metal or wood. Their feet adhere to stockings well so they can securely eclose to hang in safety then walk up to fly away. The awful sight of a fallen butterfly with preventable crumpled wings is something i never want to see again and havent since using stockings. I use the thin strip of stocking before i have to handle the chrysalis so that it is safe from falling in transit. Hope this helps, bron

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    I found a very helpful article on You Tube – I googled ‘saving fallen pupae’. (Sorry can’t find the actual link)
    A bucket was lined with either a butterfly net or soft curtain netting. The pupa was lying on a plastic dish lined with a tissue. The eclosing butterfly was able to walk up the netting & hang there until its wings were set, then was ready for release. I have found this very successful this season.

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