Fallen emerging Monarch with folded wings – what to do?

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    I have a Monarch that emerged from the chrysalis I had taken inside to protect from wasps and in my ‘care’ I moved it outside so it could fly away when it was ready. During the day it fell to the ground and when I arrived home it was trying to fly but can’t becuase the wings have become folded over. Can I wet the wings and they will release? He is so frustrated. If he won’t fly then what and how will I provide food and water??? It tries to fly – I feel so useless! I was being kind and look, ruined it. Poor thing!

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    This is all about the caterpillar castles:

    Caterpillar Castles

    They are AMAZING!

    Caterpillar castle



    IME the time to fix the wings is very short after they have e closed … essentially before thy dry. BUT if its the tips you can trim them so they are both more or less even and straight and they will be able to fly. there is probably bits on the web if you google about trimming wings.
    No matter what you do there are going to be casualties .. its the way of it really.

    I have a couple of butterflies that will never fly again in a butterfly castle on the deck. They have potted plants on the bottom and everyday I give them a fresh buddleia bloom .. buddleia is all go at the moment. I put them on the buddleia and they get stuck in. Or you can feed them nectar made from honey and water, some people put a few drops of soy in the mix .. or just drop them on a slice of watermelon. I’ve had my butterflies for a month, its not perfect but it is a life of sorts. One even lays eggs on a swanplant I have in there.

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