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    Two J caterpillars have been blown off their branch. They landed on dry leaves. Is there anything we can do to help them? We are in Dunedin.

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    I have had a J which had fallen off succesfully pupate into a chrysalis by putting it on its side on a piece of newspaper in my chrysalis hotel. About 10 days later a Monarch was born in perfect shape.



    Hi Monkey, we managed to glue the tips of the chrysalises onto a branch set in a bottle. They don’t look too good though, after a week. They have black smudges appearing and look a bit soft, although I haven’t touched them. We will just wait and see what happens. Still have lots of caterpillars and chrysalises out on the swan plants though, so more butterflies to come.



    Some time ago I saw an item on Google where a person had successfully managed to rehang a fallen J by hooking it onto a cotton bud. I found that wasn’t entirely successful until I thought about it & decided that the cotton bud was too tightly wound & therefore slippery. So I carefully cut the bud slightly to expose a rough surface & VOILA! success! But it didn’t end there – the J sloughed its skin & a perfect chrysalis was formed but the hold on the cotton bud was a bit precarious. So I put a tiny dab of nail polish on the cotton bud & that secured it. The other thing about cotton buds is that they are short, so to allow room for the wings of the butterfly to hang freely when it emerges the bud needs to be tied to a longer stick, then set the stick in a vase or such.



    Thanks Jacqui, yes they had fallen off before pupating. They have both now turned into a chrysalis, although slightly odd shape lying on the ground. I have hung them up in a sheltered place so they have somewhere to hang and straighten their wings if they are lucky enough to eclose as healthy butterflies.



    Do you mean that they’re pre-pupa? Leslie’s given you good instructions above and there is no need to rehang them.



    I’ve sometimes had success by putting them on a soft surface. i’ve used my net cake covers that are opened out and upside down. I put the J on the bit off the ground so they don’t have a hard surface. Even so the chrysalis will have a flattish bit.
    Hopefully someone can suggest a way to rehang them safely. I’d search through this forum for suggestions, there may have been one a while back involving cotton buds or the like.

    good luck!

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