Favourite Butterfly Books

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    Hi all

    I was wondering what books people have, and what are their favourites?

    One of my favourites is FOUR WINGS AND A PRAYER (Caught in the Mystery of the Monarch Butterfly) by Sue Halpern.

    Author Sue Halpern embarks on an adventure investigating the extraordinary phenomenon of the Monarch’s migration to Mexico.

    She meets with and interview scientists and butterfly-lovers across the USA. She tells us about the people for whom Monarchs have become a glorious obsession.

    It’s an entertaining yarn, and you learn a lot too. A combination of interviews, science and geography, a travel documentary too. I have a paperback here if anyone would like to borrow it.

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    I dont have all night to list them but my fabourite is;

    The concise atlas of Butterflies of the World by Dr Bernard d’Abreara
    It has amazing pictures and has a good section on conservation.


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