Favourite Environmental Books

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    Hi all,

    In another post I mentioned ‘The Hundredth Monkey’ by Ken Keyes Jr.

    The story is not true, but a parable, the effect of positive change on a group of monkeys somewhere near Japan, and also on society. It was all about the effects of nuclear war on the planet and the devastation caused thereon, and if we all started realising how bad it was, eventually the whole world would agree to go non-nuclear.

    Basically it says that we can all make a difference, and when enough of us thought the same way, then the whole world would change. I guess we see that sort of effect when we look at the huge changes made for women last century, and the way other races are treated… okay we’re not perfect yet, but we’re getting better.

    If you can find it, do read it, it’s easy to read and a good book to read with your kids. It was first published in the 1980s I think, maybe earlier, that was when I first read it.

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