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    Jacqui, what is best to feed the butterfly with if they hatch out indoors and the weather is too wild, wet and windy to set them free.


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    Hi Heather

    Yes, I pick a bunch of flowers and put my Monarchs on it. Some of my favourites (at this time of year) are bottlebrush, cosmos, hebes, daisies esp. chyrsanthemums and then Asclepias and/or Swan plant flowers (although picking them means you’re going to miss out on the seed).

    Kings Garden Centre have a great flyer which lists a lot of nectar flowers.

    Some people have used fruit too – watermelon and other melons, bananas and apple!





    Jacqui is in Auckland Heather so I’m answering for her. If you can pick fresh nectar flowers, I think this is the best.. I put mine in a vase and then put monarchs on and let them feed. If you don’t have nectar flowers, mix up about 1/4 tsp honey with a bit of water and put a couple of drops of soy sauce in this. Mix it up really well so it is quite runny and no lumps in it. I put this mixture into a saucer then fold a paper towel a few times and put paper towel in middle of saucer and put monarch on it. Sometimes you have to unfurl their probiscis to get them feeding for the first time but from then on, they usually do it themselves.

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