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    Hi everyone,
    My first Monarch butterfly (female) for the summer season has emerged.
    I have tagged this one and intend to tag all of this batch if possible so that I can see how many return to their birth place to lay eggs.
    Really excited about this season as I have 98 swan plants in various stages of growth at the moment and am continuing to raise more from seed.
    My aim is to have between 200 and 300 plants by the end of April.

    The tag has been entered in the database so if you spot it you can report it.

    Thanks everyone and may you all rear greater numbers than in previous years.

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    Hello Caryl… I am having great difficulties getting the tags here so it may well be March this year!

    We’ve always said it is the overwintering generation we want to tag… but who knows “when” exactly the monarchs decide the day length/temperature decrees they should go into diapause? February, March? April? May? It changes every year.

    Meanwhile, there are so many people that want to tag their summer butterflies that I’ve given up trying to say “no”. I haven’t come up with a good reason why we can’t tag all year round, so long as we have the tags (and we do). I guess someone who doesn’t know about the tagging project that sees a monarch with a tag on it is alerted to the project… so that’s a positive – we need more people to be aware of the project.

    February or maybe March. When the tags are ready it will be announced in an e-news.



    Jacqui, in past years it has been March for tagging. Is it now February for 2020?Caryl



    Great stuff, Rockz!

    Tagging begins in earnest in February with a new series. Please don’t use old tags from that point on. You will receive an e-news letting you know when they’re available.



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