Fitting Cats?????????????

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    Just cleared off a mates cats to move to a proper food source and all of them intime were fitting. What i mean by this is all of them at the exact same time threw their heads back and forth.

    What is causing this?

    Varying sizes too.

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    New plants are my more established plants, so no worries about spraying there.

    They were bobbing their heads before the move so not sure still.

    Would have liked to just moved a plant nearby, but with the amount of cats and the fact that all plants in question were in the ground, wasnt possible.

    Thanks for the answer tho. Really confused all of us.



    It is often a reaction to a loud noise or a sudden change in "environment". I met a Japanese woman the other day who would say the word "yawning" and all her caterpillars would bob their heads. Edith, in Florida, sings a musical note and they do it.

    But they may also respond if a door bangs or to other triggers.

    When you say a "proper food source" could this have been sprayed? Not quite sure when they were doing it, when you were lifting them from one plant to another. For me the best way – if you can do it – is to put the new plant – or a branch of good food – next to the old, tired plant and let them move themselves.

    Hope that the plants haven't been sprayed.


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