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    About 7 years ago we had a huge display of  monarchs hanging about in Australian Blackwood (Accacia trees) on our property outside Whangarei. There were hundreds of them for a week or more before a storm felled the trees and they disappeared.   Up to now we have just had a few at a time.  We grow swan plants and are planting lots of hebe’s which they seem to feed on this time of the year. This week has seen the numbers building up and there would be about 5 or 6 dozen maybe.  They are hanging in the Accacia trees again in a similar spot. When they fly out of the trees they are a wonderful sight.  In the mornings they are feeding on the hebe’s and the air is quite thick with them.  After the storm 7 yrs ago we never found any dead butterflies so don’t know where they went or if they survived.

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    I have entered the sighting (I hope) on the website.  Not at Morningside but at Tutukaka.  If you are in the area would love to show you if they are still about.  I will certainly be keeping an eye on them and will try to get some  photos.



    That’s awesome to hear, Stacy. Is that at Morningside, on the hill? I went out there and saw an overwintering cluster there probably about seven years ago.

    Would you please log the sighting in to http://www.mb.org.nz (if you haven’t already done so?) And if you and friends could monitor the colony and report in if it changes we would be so grateful. If we had (say) 30 or more sightings throughout the winter of the one colony and how it changes – sometimes they move, and they tend to grow and/or disperse, it will give us valuable information about what is happening to our Monarchs, the climate, the weather… all sorts of things.

    Hope you will be able to help us in this way.

    I will be visiting Whangarei in the next few weeks so would love to get an opportunity to see it for myself. Will be in touch.

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