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    I live in Pukerua Bay and I have swan plants in my garden with few, or no, caterpillars on them.

    If you have hungry caterpillars and you live locally, you’re welcome to let me know through this forum. Perhaps I can help.

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    Hi Jane,

    I’m VERY keen to get some help! Had a small plant that got overloaded, so brought it inside, bought heaps more plants, even had to get rid of some eggs, and still can’t keep up! If you have any space left that would be great. I live in Wellington but happen to be driving past Porirua this evening.




    Hi Mariza,

    Yes, I’d be happy to help.

    I have 18 swan plants with very few caterpillars on them. The plants are small but healthy, and they’re in a flower garden.

    I could try to arrange to be home during the day or after work for you.

    Or you’d be welcome to leave your caterpillars in a container – with airholes and whatever food you have – in our carport and I’d look after them asap.
    I’ve done this before and it worked well.

    See how you feel and suits best.

    My mobile is 027 442 3911





    I just want yo ask whether you still have swan plants? We have 2 large caterpillars (very nearly ready to spin cocoons), 1x medium size and 5/6 babies. We have bought 4 X plants from Bunnings and they have eaten all of it. Unfortunately they are not getting new plants in at present and even though we have grated pumpkin for them they are constantly looking for the swan plant leaves. Could you perhaps assist with us bringing them to you to adopt?

    Our main concern obviously is that they might starve due to not having enough food which would break our hearts.

    I would really appreciate your assistance if you could help.

    Many thanks


Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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