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    My home-grown Swan Plants have proven too popular and have been thoroughly devoured, with at least four caterpillars now going hungry. Any plants or a good home would be gratefully appreciated.

    Lesson learnt: grow more plants next time! I thought 7 would be enough…

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    Hi Chipwich – someone from Christchurch might pick up on this and give you “local” help – how would they contact you (although they might add their contact details here).

    In the meantime, let those caterpillars eat the stems and drape the plants with pumpkin, which will save the older caterpillars.

    Your plants may recover too when these caterpillars are gone. Keep them “safe” from more female monarchs by putting a net or an old net curtain over them and feed them well. If they survive, and they’re growing in a spot where they will survive the winter weather, then you will be well prepared for next year and future years. Also, if they set seed, let the seeds scatter and you’ll get lots of little seedlings come up. If the seedlings grow in an inconvenient place, then let the monarchs “weed” your garden… they’re doing that here right now.

    Hope that helps.

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