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    Hi, I have just had a male eclose this afternoon but I have noticed that its proboscis is still forked and not yet knitted together. It has been approx 4-5 hours now and I was wondering how long this should take and if there is anything I can do to help it knit?
    It is a beautiful big butterfly and the thought of him starving is upsetting.
    Any advice would be great.

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    Hello, I have just had a very crumpled monarch emerge from a chrysalis, which chrysalis I have been keeping inside due to its late season. The butterfly also has a forked proboscis. I was very worried that the forking was a mutation until I read this forum topic. It seems natural then, according to this forum topic, for the proboscis to be forked when emerging from the chrysalis.
    Another monarch butterfly I have has only 4 legs, with one of those bent up at the knee due to it emerging too slowly from its chrysalis, and late in the season, but it is feeding well.



    Thanks Leslie. I did find a video online that used a toothpick to uncurl and help it to knit. I did try this yesterday but I am worried I’ve interfered and made it worse. I couldn’t really find anything else that may help. I’ve popped him outside today hoping that he’ll be ok. I wish I didn’t worry about them so much! Thanks



    It can take a day or so for the proboscis to knit together. And they don’t need to feed for the first couple of days so don’t worry. I had one last year that took a long time to knit and I found some videos on helping the process . It did seem to help. You can google it. I’d just leave it for now and it will probably fix itself.

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