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    The “Forum help” forum is for people who are having issues with technology. I am moving any messages that are there wrongly into the MAIN section.

      Here’s a tip.

    If you’re looking for something in particular, look at the Hot Tags to the right of where you’re reading this. Let’s say we’re looking for information about “bees”.

    Click on any one of the Hot Tags, let’s say “aphids”. (If you right-click then it will open up in a separate tab and you can flick between reading this and doing what I”m going to suggest.)

    Okay with aphids this is the url that will appear in your address bar.

    I go to that url, backspace-delete the


    and replace it with


    and then I can see all of the posts that refer to bees and where the person has put the term “bees” in their Topic Tags.

    Now about Topic Tags…

    When you have finished writing a new post (or adding to a previous post) please take a deep breathe and THINK: “If someone is looking for my pearl of wisdom, WHY might they be looking for it… what things will be on their mind?” And put those key words in as topic tags, separated by commas. For example, I am going to put in “tags, hot tags, topic tags”

    Hope this is helpful and is useful to you in using the forum.

    If you have other suggestions, please post them here.

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Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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