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    Hi everyone

    A few tips for people posting in the forum.

    There is not just one forum, there are several within the forum. If your post is about plants, please ensure you choose the “PLANTS” forum. If you need help with using the forum (i.e. not advice re caterpillars/butterflies etc, but how to use the forum, please put it in “FORUM HELP”.  If it is a comment about how the MBNZT is managed, it goes in “TRUST ADMIN”. “RESEARCH” covers our tagging project or transects – and everything else goes into the “MAIN” forum.

    Also, when replying or posting a new message and before you click on ‘Submit’, please enter a few key words (called tags) separated by commas to help someone find your topic. For instance if your post is about Monarch caterpillars about to pupate type ‘Monarch,caterpillars,chrysalis’. The keywords will show up in the hot tags to the right of your screen. When you click on a hot tag it shows what forum posts cover this topic. The larger the tag, the more it has been used. You can use the existing hot tags to help you decide on keywords for your own message.

    A bit thanks to Sandfield’s Ana for creating the “New Post” button which will make it easier for everyone to create their own posts.


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    Please remember:

    FORUM HELP is not for topics about wildlife but if you’ve got a problem using the forum.

    TAGS should be key words separated by a comma – NOT sentences. Don’t forget to use them in the space below your post. And it’s important to spell tags properly (English) or there’s no point in using them at all. To get an idea of the most popular (hot) tags, look at the list on the right here. ->

    There are two hot tags for this post: “forum help,posts”

    If you can help us in this way, it will give us more time to help you with other problems (involving your caterpillars and butterflies etc).

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