Found chrysalis – damaged, what should I do???

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    Hi I was just in the garden and found 3 chrysalis… green in colour, but one is damaged (there is no top section) you can actually see the butterfly… I know absolutely nothing about butterflies but is there anything I can do or is it too damaged? thank you for any advice

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    Hi Tommy Boy – you can’t do anything much with the damaged one but you could lie it down next to something that the butterfly will be able to grip if it does emerge (eclose). If you put it right in the angle of a piece of netting for example.

    When the butterflies eclose they need to be able to have enough clearance for their wings to be able to expand and drop down – about 8cm. The butterfly will know to crawl up the netting (or whatever) as soon as it emerges.

    Hope that helps.

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