free cuttings Buddleja x weyeriana

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    I have a Buddleja which needs a prune. It was a gift which didn’t come with a label, but after a bit of research I’m 99% sure it is a Buddleja x weyeriana, probably the ‘Honeycomb’ variety.


    I’ve put 40 heel cuttings in my propagator, but I thought if any MBNZT members were interested I could strip the leaves off the prunings, dip them in some rooting hormone, wrap the ends in damp newspaper and post them out.

    As a hybrid of B.davidii and B.globosa it is attacked by the buddleia leaf weevil, Cleopus japonicus so the plants will need periodic spraying with Yates Mavrik or similar. Buddleias should be planted in a full sun location with fertile, moist, well-drained soil. Studies have shown that adding lime to the soil will result in increased growth and better floral quality. They are also moderately drought tolerant once established.

    If you would like some drop me an email at
    Darren (dot) Gedye (at) gmail (dot) com and let me know your address and how many you would like. first come first served. No charge as the plant was a gift so I’m paying it forward :-)

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    wow what a awesome colour
    makes my purple look boring
    keep up the great growing



    Thanks Darren – great meeting, wonderful meeting new people. Very colourful presentation of Geoff’s and interesting discussing the “political football” too.



    Well I gave the last of these cuttings away at the meeting in Tauranga last night, so thats it for this year. I’ll do it again next year.

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