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    i have a furry catipillar and shes not doing so well i dont know what 2 feed her help please cadypillergirl

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    Many thanks Jacqui I am keen to get into the admirals next season. Have been on the net today downloading all the info I can on them.Wet Drizzly day here so good day to search net.
    Thanks again Margie



    Here are some photos Margie of an Admiral pupa or chrysalis, nice and close!




    Hi Angie,
    Thanks so much for your help will go over there now. I have brought all my monarch pillars inside as it is so cold here now in the mornings and evenings but I have no nettle potted so will they be okay outside. What do the chrysilas look like and do they hang on the nettle as well? Would love to collect them and bring them indoors.
    Cheers Margie


    HI Margie

    Nettles are very fertile, and this is the reason the two introduced species especially U.Dioca is a pest specices in many areas and has the potential to be a real problem!.

    As carefull as everyone thinks they are, seed is spreed. Even I had it turn up in my lawn, and it just had to be my husband that stood on it! Sorry thats just my weedbuster rant.

    You should be able to snip off the seeds around the cats, even if you clip of the little tent they are in and sit it on another leaf, the cat will soon fasten the new leaf to the tent.

    I would put all your cats onto one plant and put a fine mesh net over them, so you can keep the wasps out and collect the Chrysilas.

    They are pretty robust little guys.




    Hi wings1,
    Thought you may help me with some advice please.
    I am trying to get nettle seeds from the nettles down here as I would like to send some more to Stu and grow some for myself for next season. I know nothing much about the admirals but I have found quite a few pillars curled up in the nettle leaves so am reluctant to harvest seeds while they are there. Can you tell me where do they do there chrysalis thing and what does it look like. Also if I disturbed the curled up pillar am I doing it any harm as one fell on to the ground and I put it back on a leaf and after a short time it uncurled and started to eat the nettle, will it be okay.
    Cheers Margie


    What does it look like and where did it come from? are you in NZ? angie

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