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    The other day I cooked a Chilli Beef (this is the long story) but trimmed off all the fat first. I chopped this up small and put it out for the birds. Not only did birds come but wasps, lots of them.

    This was a wet day. And wintry. Mikdwinter. I thought these wasps hibernated!! Obviously there’s a nest somewhere nearby.

    It’s a bit hard looking for nests around this neighbourhood, lots of fences and people not speaking English, or not understanding… so I plan to buy some Frontline flea treatment (containing Fipronil) and put some more fat out, will have to be bird-safe, with fipronil.


    Might even circulate the neighbours and tell them what I’m doing, so they can look out for dead or dying wasps, which would tell us where the nest is located…

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    Chrissie Ward (Nelson) shared this newspaper clipping from The Nelson Mail (thanks Chrissie).

    Huge wasp’s nest had been uncovered in the wall of a house. Good riddance to these guys…



    From my local Palmers Garden Centre I bought an ‘Easy trap for Wasps’ for $8.00, and hung it from a tree in my garden.
    It looks a bit like a plastic beehive, and works along the lines of a lobster trap – ie when something crawls in, it can’t get out, so drowns in the mix of fruit juice + fish or raw meat. Asian Paper wasps didn’t seem to be interested, but German wasps were, altho I only had a few of those right at the end of summer. Birds certainly can’t get in, and the fish content seemed to put the bees off, so only pests seemed to find the way in.
    When you need to empty it out (holding your nose!) the top unscrews, and I tip the mess into the violet patch as fertiliser, then refill it. Has anyone else used one of these?
    There is an email on the box –



    Congratulations on your marriage Stefan! And let’s hope the new location is wasp-free.

    I didn’t go ahead with my plans, I chickened out. A friend said that Fimitril was bad for bees – and as I’m going away again soon I’m a little worried that maybe birds or bees might get at the poison. So… I’m going to drop a flyer around the neighbourhood and ask my neighbours to check and see if they’re finding wasps on their property and how to deal with them.

    Welcome to Auckland.


    Stefan Olson

    Hi Jacqui,

    Things are not much better on the North Shore. Having got married and moved up to Auckland, I am now living in Bayview, so near to quite a lot of bush, and I would get at least one wasp a week managing somehow to get inside – and two of them have been as far as I could tell queens (although that was a month or two back). The wasp problem is just ridiculous here in comparison with Palmerston North. We are just about to move to another house in this area, I’m hoping that we will be far enough away from this nest 🙂




    We have mild winter here and we will have cool spring and dry summer, with big drought, due to La Nina.
    This means wasps & pests will increase their numbers to high numbers.

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