Germinating Hassles

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    Hello Everyone, I thought I would use my electric propagator to get some swan plant seeds on their way early. Well they germinated quite fast and now are about 3 inches tall and so straggly. I have been using a fan to create wind to make the stems stronger but they remain very thin. Has anyone found a solution to this problem? Advice appreciated. Caryl

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    Stefan Olson

    I’d agree with Richard. My experience is that they need to be moved to a larger pot or in the ground fairly early on. I have noticed that some of the self seeding Swan plants that I have seem to have a much bushier structure, and I think that’s because if they can expand their roots quickly they seem to put out more branches earlier on. But that is only my observation, don’t actually have any proper data to back it up with. It’s also weird because they don’t actually seem to build a massive root structure. If you pull a Swan plant out from the ground, my experience is generally isn’t that big underground but it obviously likes to spread its roots


    Richard Rowe

    Hi Caryl

    Great to hear that your seedling are growing well. I have just started a batch of seeds in christchurch.

    I was thinking that maybe your seedlings are now root bound, if they are repotting them will have them take off and hopefully thicken them also.

    Cheers Richard

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