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    I’ve decided that Santa is going to bring me a Glasshouse for Xmas!!
    I rear over 2000 Monarch Butterflies each season and the wet, windy, cold weather is not helping my seedlings, cuttings, plants, or caterpillars – or my mood! So I want a robust glasshouse that can shelter all of the above residents at various times.

    I would appreciate any advice from Forum members. I have googled Trade Tested and Trade Depot and note they sell various sizes of Glasshouses – some with shutter windows at the top which looks helpful for ventilation – but how would I keep wasps out?

    I look forward to any and all suggestions.

    Thank you all for your contributions to this marvelous Forum. I love this space!!
    Warmest regards

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    It is really cool idea! I am dreaming about this summer atmossphere, the garden, a cup of coffee and this wonderful smell and heat.



    Hi Terry
    Thank you so much for this information. I appreciate it.
    I will develop a plan based on the recommendations. I feel more confident and excited to proceed now with your and Jacqui’s input.
    I overwintered 35 Monarchs in my house this winter… it’s not ideal!
    Thank you again – Fi



    Thank you Jacqui!
    I will certainly follow up with RedPath!
    And I will let you know how I get on.
    Many thanks – Fiona 🙂



    Hi Fi

    This is the best one that I have ever bought (and I’ve been trying ALL sorts of things over the past 50 years or so! You get them from Redpath in Palmerston North as a kitset.

    Hope that’s helpful! Nice to see you here again.




    See my “breeding Yellow Admiral” document from the UK! It covers the greenhouse set up although you will have to adapt its positioning when you set it up according to the different climatic conditions in NZ compared to the UK where I am, and of course the fact that you are in the southern hemisphere so it will heat up quicker in the summer months so maybe partial shade would be needed rather than full sunshine and plenty of ventilation.

    I have also used this Greenhouse for Monarchs overwintering them successfully in the butterfly stage.

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