Golf courses across U.S. step up to save monarch butterflies

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    This is a brilliant idea! If only Golf Courses in the UK could take this positive attitude towards butterfly conservation it would make a huge difference and halt the decline of some species. Alas most of the training given to Golf course staff is mainly about how to remove anything and everything leaving only grass either long for the rough or short for the course and a few trees scattered here and there. Mankind’s ignorance and stupidity knows no limits.



    Auckland has many Parks where maybe we could plant swan plants

    I did this a few weeks ago in a local park and when the plants grew up a bit the council workers chopped them down with their weedeaters….just because they did not know they were useful plants, being immigrants from Afghanistan or somewhere….so for the golf courses or parks, there needs to be some way of labelling the plants so they will be left alone…I thought of using a band of red insulaton tape of some such…does anyone know of any conventional method of labelling ????…cheerz Roy (Torbay)



    That’s great to hear, Caryl! Hope other golf courses get onto this in New Zealand.

    I’m currently in Mexico, going to see the monarchs tomorrow or maybe next day, and will learn some of the latest ideas about conservation.

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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