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    I am fed up with it!

    What’s so bad about "insects"? Why do we tolerate these inane adverts that tell us now that summer is coming, so are "the insects"? And we must buy Product X so that "we can get rid of them"?

    It’s about time that everyone learned that insects are a part of Nature, just as much as we are. WE are part of the environment – we complement each other. We need to look after the world, our environment so WE can survive. If we don’t have our environment, then we’re history. If we don’t have insects, ALL insects, then we’re history.

    Thanks. I HAD to get that off my chest.

    But now that I’ve got my dander up… let me go on… Earlier this year I did an organic gardening course and I continually heard about the "good" plants and the "bad" plants, and the "good" and the "bad" insects, and microbes, and… But surely there aren’t any that are "good" or "bad"? Saying that something is good or bad is subjective, and these natural things are just what they are – they all have a job to do and they just get on and do it. If they are too successful, then they prosper and multiply and then Nature sends something in, a predator or parasite or some other control, and brings them down to size again. It’s a continual boom or bust scenario. Absolutely natural.

    What do others think?

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    Yeah I do understand the appeal of these things, and how tempting they are. We also get tons of flies in summer, probably partly because we compost huge amounts of organic waste on the property, and the compost heaps and the chook poop do bring many flies. We have to suffice with a screen door which does limit the numbers, and the many many that get through and drive us crazy in the loungeroom in the evening get swatted…..very time consuming I must admit (tiring too sometimes)

    The advert for the gadget really struck a chord because the little kid was breathing the insecticide within one metre!! And all night too….what must that do to the child? And I wonder how many parents have probably thought what a great idea they are for their kids bedrooms in summer based on the advert. Yikes!



    Jane I have to shamefacedly admit that I was talked into one of those automatic poison dispensers, because we get a lot of flies out here on a dairy farm in summer. And I killed several caterpillars, which I had inside, before I realised what was happening! (It was pretty quick) I also recently discovered (not the hard way this time) that you have to be really careful with flea collars and even Frontline/Advocate fleakiller. Don’t touch the caterpillars after cuddling a cat with a fleacollar, and don’t let pets who’ve been treated for fleas anywhere near the caterpillars.



    As Terry’s father says if you want your brassicas for yourself then just grow them outside of the white butterfly lifecycle…so simple really, and I agree whole-heartedly Terry that they are a WINTER crop.

    Now whilst we are ranting and raving, this all brought to mind an advertisment on TV which featured a ‘contraption’ for dispensing insecticide every few minutes into your house so that you never have to see an insect! What really stood out for me about this advert, was that the image was of a child blissfully asleep in bed, and within a metre the ‘contraption’ plugged into an electric socket automatically dispensing insecticide into the childs face………………….all so that no-one would have to SEE a fly! The message I clearly got was: Obviously it’s OK to POISON your kid, but NOT OK to have your kid SEE a fly.

    Yeeegads sometimes I think I’ve been around too long……but Ohhhhh I’m just so enjoying having a whinge….yeah thanks for this thread Jacqui, I feel better already : )



    Agree: wholesale insect killing is very shortsighted. It’s the same mentality as having a perfect carpet of a lawn, with no weeds straight edges…and then wasting precious water all summer to keep it like that. People should be encouraged to have a jungle of weeds in their backyard (like mine) because it increases biodiversity. Yay for messy people who grow weeds, oldfashioned nectar flowers, and habitat for bumblebees, butterflies, skinks, birds!!!! On a more serious note, I think I (we?) should be spending as much time and energy on getting “weed zones” put into council plans, as raising butterflies for release, protected from predators. Would probably make more difference to the overall butterfly population. [Now I’ve had my rant too]



    Hear hear Terry.

    My buddelia bushes get attacked over summer by the passionfruit vine hoppers.
    And then the birds move in and love them! If we spray and kill all the insects that annoy us, what is left for the birds to eat? When will we ever learn?



    Oh boy! I love this thread already!!!

    Well! That’s 4 members of this forum who have proved they have intelligence combined with discernment and can think in a truly logical fashion, using nothing but good old common sense, a commodity that is sadly missing from the modern world where nobody takes the time to sit and look at things from a holistic point of view.
    I have always tried to look at the big picture rather than swallow the wholesale propaganda of the chemical lobby. My father has at the time of writing this post, a crop of Purple Sprouting that is covered with Large White larvae, when I asked him why he has not done what was recommended by the gardening “experts”, “spray them” he said why bother! Last time I grew these they were attacked by larvae late summer, and because they are a winter vegetable by harvest time the plants had recovered and produced a good crop. Another example of how we can avoid going over the top in our approach to “Pest” control. After all the chemical companies rely on our gullibility to keep us purchasing there products and boosting profits. I am always amazed at people who show an irrational fear of insects of all types just because nobody bothered to teach them about how important they are to the overall health of the planet. I could go on and on about this but you have all covered it adequately.

    Don’t worry about losing your cool on this subject Jacqui. You let em have it, “both barrels”.



    Absolutely agree also, nettles (even native ones) are regarded as undesirable and must be eradicated. Even our native Ongaonga is removed from farmland,and chopped back and sprayed if it is anywhere near a bush track. No wonder our endemic Red Admiral is losing ground. The Common Blue utilises weeds as a hostplant, as do many butterlies in other countries. The chemical industry has strong foothold in this country.



    LOL Jacqui and Jane. Absolutely agree!

    As a side issue… I cultivate dandelions, dock, chick weed etc for my birds and animals…
    let ‘weeds’ set seed and spread…. yes, Jane, I do think humans have lost the plot…
    we no longer listen to nature nor learn from nature. Sad.



    Well said Jacqui. Sometimes I think perhaps there should be a ‘product X’ to get rid of US!! It is usually US that are the main problem.

    Imagine a world without the people….I HAVE! And I think it would be a better place, pristine and in balance. Our lack of population control is probably the biggest issue facing the planet and jeopardising the future for everything else. We polute everything, overfish and overkill everything and we breed like flies (Thats insulting the flies!)

    What a wonderland it would be without us and our egos. Nothing to go upsetting the balance…calling this and that BAD from our tiny little paradigms………………………………..Well you DID ask!!



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