growing swan plants

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    hey guys,
    last year I grew swan plants in our garden but moved house. this year I want to plant more but wondering if I will be able to do so in pots? if so what would be the minimum size pot for 1 plant?

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    Hi Tayla

    These 2 litre ones (from Bunnings) would be a good size and will be okay for your plants for at least a year. Depending on where you are in NZ the plants should be good for next year, but you may need to transplant them.

    Swan plants are semi-perennial in warmer areas of NZ but if you have heavy frosts they may need to be replaced each year. The beauty about having them in pots is that you can move them under cover for the winter.

    Just bear in mind that they will need more frequent watering than if they are in the ground. You can always stand them in a 2 litre ice cream container of course, with a few cm of water topped up.

    Another note: make sure that there are no slugs or snails sheltering under the rims of your pots, or underneath. They find swan plants very tasty!

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