growing swan plants in a covered in portable garden

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    I was wondering if you could please help me. I received an email from the monarch butterfly trust a while ago where Jacqui said she grew some swan plants in a portable garden with a cover over it. I was wondering what the name of it was please.

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    Hi Caryl – yes to begin with I watered it (and in the detailed instructions it does say to do that). It also has a small piece of pipe attached from below up to the top and to sprinkler heads in the top but I haven’t used that at all as the fitting is not your standard hose fitting but rather for an irrigation system. I know I could probably get the conversion but haven’t needed it.

    Water accumulates in the base and then the plants are encouraged to develop a root system which goes downwards searching for the water. As you probably know, the theory is that if we water gardens with a hose, plants become dependent on that source and don’t become so well-established. So you really want them to find the water in the subsoil.

    I used bungee cords to hold the lid on during windy weather. And, no, haven’t left it open at all as then I would get eggs laid on the growing seedlings.



    Hi Jacqui, The pod sounds great. The description says that the pod is self watering but I note you water it. Was it hard to assemble? During good weather do you lift the lid during the day and close it at night? Caryl



    It’s a Vegepod, KJM25. Yes, I scattered thousands of swan plant seeds over the surface and watered it well. Then closed it in. When the seedlings were 100mm tall, I started weeding some out to feed to the tiny caterpillars which had come from eggs in a separate container – just two or three seedlings at a time.

    When the seedlings were about 200mm tall I was asked if I could take 200 caterpillars, so I put them into the Vegepod while I reorganised things in my butterfly house. By the time I took them out it was just bare stems left.

    I then watered it well and some resprouted while still more seeds sprouted. So I’ve done that again twice now. At present the bare stems are resprouting. The resulting plants will be as thick as a lawn. It works really well.

    This is it here:

    Vegepod, small

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