Had 5 Monarchs hatch in Late Oct/early Nov, then… nothing

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    Finally found some eggs & brought about 10 inside as eggs were disappearing faster than butterflies could lay them ( I think the culprits were juvenile praying mantids). Once hatched the baby cats moved off the parent leaf very quickly & it is a real task keeping them confined at this stage! However there must still be quite a few in my container as their droppings are like fine dust on the floor of their cage. The cage is a plastic container with small holes drilled in the lid, & as soon as they are a bit larger, probably after first moult, I will transfer them to a better site

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    Similarly, there are a very few caterpillars in my garden at present, but monarchs are laying eggs like crazy.

    There is always a bit of a “slow” period when the first generation after the monarchs have returned from the spring (and about 4-5 weeks after they return) when the first generation have become adults and have left to mate… then a few weeks later there will be caterpillars coming out our ears!

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