Harlequin ladybird pupae


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    Chrissie Ward

    We have just spotted at least four pupae of Harmonia Axyridis (harlequin ladybird) pupae on one of the large swanplants in our Nelson garden. We’ve never seen them before. It seems they are not completely desirable, and we wonder if we should destroy them?

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    The Harlequin ladybird invaded the UK from Europe where it had been used in Greenhouses as a pest control method and escaped. We had warnings of doom and gloom from so called experts that they would wipe out our native species but many years on and I can still find both in good numbers in my local area. I collect either species each spring when they come out of hibernation to control aphid in my Butterfly House. The Harlequins are a little more voracious in there choice of food and will also eat some of the Butterfly eggs but do a quicker job eating the aphid. And when they have cleared them up They get released back outside No doubt in New Zealand they will want you to try and eradicate them if your identification is correct which you will need to do if ordered but don’t panic like we did to start with. Harlequins are now well established here and I can’t see any serious problems with them.

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