Help!! Pupa, Mt Maunganui

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    Hi, I was given a lot of kale from a friend’s garden and I put it in the fridge only to pull it out the next day and find a pupa! The pupa I’d left where it is and it’s developing nicely I just want some advice on where to release safely as although my garden is full of flowers it is also home to a family of blackbirds! Can anyone suggest best place. Thanks.Amy
    Ps.I live in Mount Maunganui

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    Hi Jacqui!

    Thanks so much for the speedy response, it is definitely a Monarch and has those markings. I double checked when I first found it. No shining cuckoos!
    So relieving to hear that he/she will be ok!

    Thanks again.



    Hi Amy

    I presume that the pupa is that of a monarch butterfly? Is it bright green with a “crown” of gold dots about 1/4 of the way down, at the thickest point?

    Birds won’t eat monarch butterflies (unless the bird is a shining cuckoo) but it will be relatively safe once it emerges. Let it fly away and find its own way to where it’s going… it will find a mate and then set about laying eggs (if it’s a female) or mating (if it’s a male).



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