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    I have been interested in monarch caterpillars for about a year now, I enjoy watching the stages they go through and over the past year I have released around 100 butterflies.

    I currently have 45 chrysalis and about 40 caterpillars all about a week away from becoming chrysalis, the only problem is I have no swam plant for left for them as the other 45 ate the massive swan plants that I had grown!

    I am trying to grow some more for the ‘baby’ caterpillars I have that are only 1-5 days old, but for the bigger ones I have no food and I have been feeding them pumpkin which I have heard that when they have too much of it, it can deform them while they are trying to form into a chrysalis.

    I would love it if anyone out there has some spare swan plant food!! I’m desperate, please help!! I live in Hamilton and are willing to travel.. Thanks

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    Thanks everyone so much for the feedback, I went to the Plant Place and brought three massive plants and the caterpillars are now very happy and alive!!



    I have some advertised on trademe as well. But these are small seedlings. Will be good for next year.



    I have some in Panmure, Auckland, I can send pics. a range of sizes, and would do a discount for MB member.

    60cm are usually $5 would do for $3
    3.3 foot normally $8 would do for $6.

    Spray free and in good condition.

    I also have similar plants on trademe.

    I can also foster cats, no charge if you can just get them to me as I have plenty of plants. Angie



    The Plant Place in Kahikatea Drive still has good sized, reasonably priced plants that are guaranteed spray free.

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