Help searching the forums please!

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    Hi everyone.

    I’m having trouble searching for key words in the forum.

    I did read Jacqui’s “how to find things in the forum” post, but I’m feeling a bit silly as I can’t find the “Topic Tags” search thing 🙁


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    I’ve got a “cheat” for that one too. I discovered that multiple word topic tags are separated by a hyphen, e.g.

    I wanted to see who else had tagged a post with “Blockhouse Bay” so I changed that one above to:

    It works. Sadly, however, most people don’t really understand how to use the “tags”. We get people who put sentences in there, like “I am having a hard time with aphids” when “aphids” would be the tag.

    Topic tags allow users to filter between forums and display topics with a specific topic tag. When a user creates a topic they have the ability to add specific tags to quickly explain what a post is about and it also helps users find related topics based on those tags.

    I like to think in terms of going to a library and looking for books containing specific advice. So I might say to the Blockhouse Bay librarian “Do you have some books please that will help me getting rid of aphids on my swan plant?” (bold = topic), the topic tags might help others with the information that is contributed, such as: Blockhouse Bay, swan plant, aphids, spring.

    Each tag needs to be separated with a comma from the next tag.

    Oh and BTW for anyone reading this, you can add new appropriate tags each time you post or reply.



    Ah yes! I did that too actually (replacing the words in the address bar), but that doesn’t work very well if you want to search multiple words.

    Thanks for the tip Jacqui.



    Hello Vanda

    Well, to be honest, I have problems too… and I cheat. I click on ANY hot tag (to the right here), e.g. aphids. THEN I go up to the address bar where it will say

    and I carefully remove the word aphids and put in the key word that I’m looking for, e.g.

    Hope that helps! Perhaps others who have had more experience with WordPress know the “right” way to do it.

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