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    hello, we are a daycare centre in central wellington and last time a wonderful person from your group came and took all our monarch caterpillars away as we had no more swan plants to feed them. we have 100+ caterpillars and dwindling leaves. can someone come and take them away next week? you can call Helen or sankari at (04) 4711169 to get them, many many thanks.

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    Something else to consider in a desperate situation with a ravening mass of hungry cats … pumpkin and cucumber can be fed to the cats in their very last stage just before they pupate. i.e. the very big ones. Its no good for younger cats but the big ones will eat it and pupate and come out just fine. I was skeptical but I was driven to try it and I got more plants in for my smaller ones and took the big ones off and fed them the pumpkin and cucumber. I got about 70 good butterflys doing that. Good luck 🙂



    Hello Joebeve

    If you don’t get a better offer, I can send you a bundle of 20-30 swan plant seedlings, about 200mm tall, for $15. Payment would need to be made up front to the MBNZT:

    Kiwibank, 38-9009-0654693-00

    On arrival you can put them into a vase of water, let the caterpillars feed on the leaves, and then plant out what’s left. If you can send through a screenshot of the payment by email to I should be able to get them away tomorrow by overnight courier.

    Let me know ASAP if interested.


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