How is your butterfly season going so far?

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    I can tell you in Karori (higher suburb in Welly) its an epic fail so far. I got eggs in mid September as I did last year but they came to nothing and I’ve not spotted a butterfly since then so assume all the winter overs are gone. I blame the weather for this .. its been cold/cool windy and wet. Last year the September eggs hatched and I had a butterfly early December. I think it will be next year before things get going here.

    On the bright side! I have good plants having a quiet life. So if anyone in the Welly area is under siege with too many caterpillars I can help.

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    Blake in Porirua

    Hello yes many eggs and tiny caterpillars here in porirua. Should you like to have some please do feel free to txt or email me




    Too many eggs in Porirua, I hear. Could you get to Porirua to collect some – or perhaps they would post.

    Don’t forget about the Monarch Matchmaker page on Facebook. I know not everyone does FB BUT surely people who don’t know someone who does and who would post for them?

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