How long can I leave the butterflies in my enclosure?

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    I have my Swan Plants in a netting enclosure about 3 meters square, so plenty of room to flutter about, & some of the plants are flowering so I guess the butterflies will eat from them. With the high winds & nasty weather we are expecting, how long am I able to leave the new Monarchs in the enclosure before they need to be released? I know its nature & if they were outside they would just have to face the weather but I don’t want to release my babies if they are just going to be damaged in the weather 🙁

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    Hi Angie

    If you have flowers growing in there that provide nectar then there shouldn’t be a problem. But in my opinion, if they’re outdoors they will adjust better.

    I let them go on the sheltered side of a building or tree where they’ve got cover from the rain and the wind, and they choose to venture out into the world when they sense it’s safe. Just my opinion. I think they adjust to the conditions much better that way. From my experience, in my butterfly house/enclosure they want to get out and fly about and are more likely to get damaged.


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