How long does it take until nettle seeds sprout

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    Last Sunday I planted stinging nettle seeds, where there is sun in the morning till about 1:02pm, I water them everyday at 5:18pm to 5:36pm, when do you think I’ll start seeing the nettle?

    I hope it attracts both the Red and Yellow admirals.

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    Hi Cullen
    I am not from New Zealand I am from the UK. The reason I point this out is that Urtica Dioica can be grown from cuttings and root division very easily, so if you know where it grows you can collect either, or even whole plants to transplant to your garden. However, I know that in some parts of New Zealand it is illegal to cultivate this species so you would need to check this out first. I use this species in the UK for my Yellow Admirals because it is by far the best and easiest nettle to cultivate and is widespread and very common. Once established it’s hard, but not impossible to eradicate. The main problem is that people who want to get rid of it use herbicides when the best method is to make sure you dig all the roots out which UK gardeners do with few problems. It’s not as bad a plant as the NZ government claim, it’s just another weed that can be controlled if done properly.
    Urtica Urens will need to be protected after sowing from Slugs and Snails because they love eating the freshly germinated seedlings. I seed them in to trays and then transplant out when they are big enough to cope with the onslaught.



    Ok, I get a hell of a lot of slugs and snails, especially when it rains.



    Urtica urens will germinate in 8 – 10 days, the other species take up to 3 weeks, but this depends on temperatures. It will be several weeks after they have sprouted before they are big enough for eggs, and longer to sustain caterpillars, but protect the seedlings from slugs and snails when small, they love them.

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