How long will Monarchs be around this winter?

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    I am still seeing lots of Monarchs behind the St Mary of the Angels Church in Boulcott Street, Wellington, Can someone please tell me how long they MIGHT survive for, and what would they be feeding on, in a mainly scrub area of steep bank?
    I feel very priveledged to still be seeing them outside my workplace window at this time of the year.

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    Leslie is so right. Brenda, they’ve obviously found somewhere warm and sheltered to stay on the cold days – and will go to find nectar when their wings are warmed up. Have you seen monarchs overwintering in Mexico? It’s the most amazing story of insect migration… from as far north as Canada down to the volcanic mountains of Mexico.

    Here in NZ they don’t migrate as such – there are overwintering colonies up and down the country. And we’re trying to find out more about where they are and how many monarchs overwinter there by tagging them. You can read more about that on our tagging page – see button to the left of here.



    That’s cheering to hear 🙂 I hope the 5 I have released over the last week have headed off there to hang out with the ‘team’ :). A simplistic explanation is ‘hopefully’ they will survive the winter and mate when the weather warms in the late spring and start the next generation. Once they have mated the females will live till they have laid all their eggs (4-6 weeks). What grows on the bank? Typically the winter monarchs sleep through the cold weather and then get out on sunny days to go on search for nectar. That’s why we see the odd monarch fluttering round on nice winter days. We have a bush across the road we often see two or three at a time.

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