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    Hello all

    There is so much valuable information in the forum posts (over nine years of them!) and this may help you find things – and make your own valuable questions/answers easier to find too.

    You will see directly below this message a space headed “Topic Tags”. Tags (in this instance) provide a useful way to group related posts together and to quickly tell readers what your post is about – and make it easier for people to find your content.

    Here’s an example. If Mary who lives in Christchurch wants information on fertiliser for her swan plant, and how to protect them from the weather, she could type in:

    Christchurch,fertiliser,fertilizer,swan plant,milkweed,winter,weather,frost,snow

    Then, if anyone is searching for content about Christchurch, her post will show up. If anyone is looking to find out what fertiliser/fertilizer to use for swan plants/milkweed, the post and subsequent responses will show up.

    (It’s a bit like going to the library – and you tell the librarian you’re wanting to create a rock garden on a bit of north-facing wasteland in Eketahuna – she’ll take you to the gardening section.)

    The most popular tags appear in the list of hot tags to the right here. However, if you want to find a tag that isn’t shown in the hot tags, here’s what to do:

    Click on any one of the hot tags, for instance “aphids”. The link will take you to this page here.

    and below will appear all of the posts that have the word aphids in the list of topic tags. If you’re looking for a tag that doesn’t appear in the hot tags, for instance, spring, just replace “aphids” with “spring”. Then hit ENTER. The page you will be taken to will be

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