How to rid Aphids on swan plants

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    Hi, I have decided to plant some swan plants for the first time and there are now a number of very small caterpillars on them but the swan plant is also now covered in aphids! Any idea of how I can get rid of the aphids and not harm the caterpillars?

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    Hello Claire

    I have just uploaded “Aphid Advice” from our Spring magazine here – click on the bold word “Aphids” below.


    However, in your case I would remove one or two healthy looking leaves and put them into a plastic Chinese takeaway tray (or similar). Then using a very soft brush I would gently pick up the caterpillars by using a twist technique, rolling them into the bristles. I use one from my old make-up bag, that I bought a long time ago to apply eye shadow, the “bristles” are made from animal fur – and gently pick up the caterpillars and put them into the tray. When you’ve collected them all up, then remove all of the aphids – either by washing the leaves under running water or by squishing them.

    Then put the caterpillars back on the soil under the plant, to let them make their own way back to where they want to go.

    Hope that helps. I’m in Blockhouse Bay too, so if you want a demonstration, give us a ring – 027 481 4811.



    im in the blockhosue bay area

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