How to start a Transect Walk


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    Chrissie’s article in the Autumn newsletter certainly was inspirational, because I am getting requests from people wanting to start a transect walk but not sure how to do so.

    First up you need to update your profile

    Tick the box down near the bottom titled Participate in Transects and then hit the update profile button at the very bottom. That will give you access to the transect part of the research area.

    If you go to the dashboard part of the website

    then at the bottom left there is a side box labelled Research. If you have registered for a transect by ticking the box in your profile there will be an entry called "Transect Walk". Clicking that will take you to the transect page at

    If you haven’t ticked the right box in your profile and you try to get into the transect part of the website you will be greeted with the message "You do not have sufficient permissions to access this page."

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