I have some monarch grubs needing food PLEEESE

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    Joyce fowler

    don’t know what happened to the person brings swan plant to Christchurch . It looks like it didn’t happen I now have 9 grubs at end of food and not able to replace this food. Help. I am happy for someone to take them if anyone still has food. Call joyce 0220454919 thanks

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    Hi Joyce. Please text me your address as soon as possible and I will get some seedlings way to you There will be a lot of them but they are only about 200 mm tall I suggest you stand them in a glass of water so that the roots are covered and the plants will continue to grow With the caterpillars on them and they will eat the leaves and stems Then you can plant what’s left – I suggest in groups of two or three or give them away to friends or whatever



    if your caterpillars are very close to pupating you can finish them on cucumber and/or pumpkin. I was driven to try it and was amazed it worked I have to say. I got approx. 70 good butterflys doing that. No good for younger ones though but taking the big ones off what you have left frees any food for the young ones till you can fix the situation. Jacqui has seedlings she can courier to you.

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