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    I’m sorry to be a nuisance but can no one help me with the enquiry I posted 3 days ago re butterflies with under developed wings.
    I have more caterpillars turning into chrysalis and I don’t know what to do if they have the same problem.

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    Errol is correct the butterflies as they emerge need plenty of room to expand their wings. However this issue can also be caused by pathogens which we can’t see. Diseases etc build up over the course of the season and there are several different reasons This has been discussed in here often in the past. Take a minute or two to look under the hot tags WINGS and DISEASE to get some ideas

    I’m changing the subject of this discussion to something which other people will find

    Hope all turns out ok for you




    Not too sure what the problem is but have they something close by that they can climb up. So they can hang upside down, or at least head high and pump blood down into their folded wings, thus opening them out fully.

    This can take anything from just a few minutes to up to an hour. If they can be in the sun when the wings are unfolded, it will help them to dry out and set.

    Then when the wings are set and and the butterfly is nice and warm they can fly off.

    Good luck.

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