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    This is my first year growing swan plants and so far I have been successful with the caterpillars and butterflies, having only one casualty so far when a caterpillar died while in his cocoon. I came home from work however the other day to find one of my monarchs on the ground, his wings were all wet and bent. I thought if I placed him in the sun his wings might dry and straighten out however they have not. I have watched the video of the wind repair process and so my question is, is there anyone in ChCh who has done this before and/or has some wings? I am a little worried to attempt this myself and I also don’t have any butterfly wings. Thanks

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    Hello Kayla

    Good on you for all those healthy monarchs you’ve released.

    You’re obviously a compassionate person, and the world needs more people like you. However, it is recommended that you euthanase this butterfly. You will find the arguments for and against in these posts here:

    Hope that helps you and please keep up the good work you’re doing.

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