Is it time for Us &/or MBNZT to Petition Councils

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    Perhaps we need as individuals and as an Association, to petition the Department of Conservation as well as Mayors and Councils to protect winter over trees/sites? Just a thought about some intervention to try to save these environments from toxins and destruction.
    Please share your thoughts.

    The wintering over Macrocapa (and nearby large trees) on Raumati Road have been felled today, and last week by the Council. Apparently the airport was complaining about the height of the trees and that are/were in the flight path. My neighbour asked about the houses on the nearby sand dune – higher than the trees – and asked if they also will be felled?
    Kapiti also knocked down a hill nearby to the Monarch’s tree and that had many nectar sources on. They put up a car park.
    In tune with Joni Mitchell’s protest song – In Kapiti we have “pulled down the trees and put up a parking lot”.
    My neighbour and I are going to put forward a petition to save the remaining half of the hill and trees – and replant for the Monarchs. We aim to set up a reseve if we can.
    If any of you are able to support this action please let ne know.

    The Butterflies are currently resting on several nearby shrubs.
    My best, Fiona

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    Good on you, Fiona – can you help with more precise information?

    Raumati Road, what airport are they in the flight path of? Can you give us lat and long of the location? You can find this out if you go to

    This is one of the reasons we like people to record the sightings in the database (… if the database had been in existence 50 years ago then we could possibly have figured out why they stopped going to the location they were going to 45 years ago. Quite possibly there was some “event” that occurred around about the same time in the area.

    We would certainly support any action that you are taking, but I doubt if DOC would be interested. Although the monarch is considered a “native”, it isn’t considered one of our valued species. It is certainly something we should make people aware of – that “ordinary old trees” can be harbouring very special insects.

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