Is it too late to get tags?

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    I have 6 chrysalis, 4 due to emerge this week some time.. Is it too late to get tags for these. Based in central Auckland.

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    Thank you for asking this question. I was wondering myself. I’d better sort out some tags too as I’ve got 11 potential butterflies to release soon. 3 chrysalises and 5 Js as of this morning, with another few making their way to the top of the caterpillar castle.



    No not at all, Brenda.

    We would be delighted to have you in our tagging team but, if you haven’t already done so, you will need to register for the project. There is a list of frequently asked questions (FAQ) here.:

    You might also like to download the four pages of information, print them out and keep them beside your computer. These are a great place to write your LOGIN and your PASSWORD – and of course when your tags arrive, to keep them all in the one place.

    Tagging began in March. It is the overwintering generation of Monarch butterflies that we want to tag. During the warmer seasons monarchs go through their metamorphosis and the adults begin reproduction within one or two days after they’ve emerged from the chrysalis.However, the monarchs that emerge at the onset of “winter”, although they are sexually mature, they will go into a state called diapause and will not breed. It is that generation that we want to tag and measure where they travel/how long they live.

    As we don’t know when they go into diapause (the insect’s clock is affected by the weather, the hours of sunlight etc) we begin tagging in March. Any butterflies that emerge in February are likely to reproduce and will not go into diapause.

    We begin each year with a new series of tags – so the ones you get now when you register will not be used next year.

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