Is Spring on its way?

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    I just have to remind you of these THREE very exciting offers:

    1. Way back in 1994 entomologist George Gibbs published a very detailed but easily readable book on the Monarch butterfly – it was part of the Mobil Nature series. Every school and many families had one on their book shelves and when the book was out of print second-hand copies became much sought after.

    Well, now the book has been updated and reprinted and it’s invaluable. It’s not in all the bookshops but we have some copies available and can mail them out for $29 all up. Lots of wonderful colour photographs and information about threats and courtship, diet and winter habits. You can buy your copy by clicking on the link HERE.

    Our beautiful calendar is in the pipeline. We’ve sourced some unique photographs of species you’ve probably never seen before. It’s hard to decide which should be the cover photo but here’s a sneak preview of one of my favourites – this Monarch is nectaring on bottlebrush, an important winter nectar source, captured by Cathy Casey:

    The calendar will be available in October at the latest, and comes with envelopes for overseas posting. Make sure you don’t miss out – it can be ordered right now HERE. And of course the proceeds go towards our education projects.

    Don’t forget we have a wonderful offer of 20 pairs of high quality McGregor’s stainless steel secateurs. Every member who joins up a new member goes into the lucky draw. (Just between you and me, at last count everyone who has encouraged a friend to join is going to get a pair as there have been less than twenty, so the odds are in your favour.) DO IT NOW!

    These secateurs are the best you can buy, check them out on McGregor’s website. But this offer expires on 31 August – so pass it on to your friend NOW. They can join up HERE – just ask them to put your name in “How/where did you first hear about the MBNZT?”

    And remember that ALL financial members are in the draw for one of 50 pairs of Showa gloves (Thanks Lynn River).

    Our Spring magazine is in production. There’s some more great reading for you: another school’s amazing butterfly experience, and another species of milkweed plus articles on…. oh there’s too much to tell you here. The magazine will be with financial members in a couple of weeks, you’ll get to enjoy it then.

    Until then, enjoy what’s left of the winter before the busy butterfly days hit us.

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    With warming climate, the spring season come earlier, with longer caterpillar season. Tropical pawpaws are doing well in northern North Island, down to Thames. Today my two 1 metres tropical pawpaws are alive in my backyard garden in Thames and my heliconia chartacea living outdoor, is growing active at 2cm per day.
    Number of frosts per year in coastal towns, are decreasing and by year 2020 Thames to Far north will be frost-free towns.



    Yes, happy to report Spring seems to be sprung here in the Waikato too: yesterday a perfect new Yellow Admiral was seen sunning itself on my car, and today a Monarch flitting around. Haven’t observed any ovipositing yet, but have nettles and swan plants at the ready. Must get my “main crop” milkweed plants going this weekend, Norm, that’s a good prod.

    Those are wonderful offers Jacqui. Looking forward to the new calendar and fresh new photos if Cathy Casey’s Monarch on the bottlebrush is anything to go by! Great shot.



    I believe spring is already here in the Bay of Plenty. yesterday two monarchs were ovipositing on my milkweeds, two white butterflies were sighted and I logged my first sighting for this season of a paper wasp. So get those milkweed plants going people, get your seeds planted and keep sowing at regualar intervals, it going to be a great season.

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